I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up

I used to say this a lot when my two sons were a lot younger. Truth be known, sometimes I would actually irritate my wife (yes I admit it…and the key work is sometimes) because I would get all goofy with the kids and sometimes my voice might bet a little loud in a public setting.

I guess I needed to start growing up as I starting dealing with a mid life crisis (according to my physician) a few years back. And during this time I really started to accept full responsibility for my own wellbeing, mentally and physically. Of course there are many avenues for help and I use plenty of them…but ultimately I am responsible for taking care of myself. I have grown up….to a degree.

But this week I have committed to a trip with my two boys…and at times I wonder if I need to get my head examined…..but we are going to San Francisco for the Outsides Lands Music festival. This is a three day event held in Golden Gate Park and some of the headliners are my personal favorites….Stevie Wonder and Neil Young with Crazy Horse. (Small bit of trivia here, but if they ever showed the audience for the Neil Young live movie Rust Never Sleeps you would see my face at the front of the stage back from my senior year of college).

I have been to my fair share of concerts, but I have never been to a three day music festival. I had thought about Coachella in the past, but you are stuck in the desert. Outside Lands is in the middle of San Francisco. Doesn’t take much of a rocket scientist to see why for me this in the middle of the city works a whole lot better for me.

I am actually very excited about this trip. Through an on line company I rented a small apartment within walking distance of Golden Gate Park (pray for that parking spot..been a long time since I had to worry about a car in the city). We will also be close enough to the Haight so we can walk around there as well. And as far as the music goes…I am sure there will be some that I like more than others…but I can’t wait to see my two boys enjoying themselves, listening to the music, eating some good food in Park as well as the city.

So stayed tuned for more info about this exciting weekend in San Francisco.

Interesting article in today’s LA Times about the concept of a midlevel provider in dentistry. I have some strong opinions about this and if you are interested let me know and I can write a blog about it.

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