The coldest winter I ever spent was?

For those of you who are not familiar with the Santa Clarita Valley we are a suburb of Los Angeles, north of the San Fernando Valley and during the summer…….MUCH HOTTER than Los Angeles. And we are on a pace to break a record for consecutive days with temps over 100 degrees and it really does not get that cool at night yet.

So, when it was time to pack up to go to San Francisco with my two boys for a weekend of fun I figured it should be cooler, but still comfortable. I did go to dental school in the city by the bay so I should have some kind of recollection right.

First, let me tell you about the great 3 day music festival I went to with Josh and Joey. Outside Lands was held in Golden Gate Park and featured a wide array of talent, the main headliners being Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Mettalica and Stevie Wonder. 4 music stages as well as two smaller Heineken Beer electronica music tents, a food, wine, beer and ecological event as well (loved all the composting bins all over the event). Having never done a three day music event like this before I was amazed at all the great music, food and how great the very large crowd was. The highlights were of course Stevie Wonder and Neil Young for me, but also Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band just to name a few.

Thanks to I was able to rent an apartment for 4 nights close enough that we were able to walk to the festival all three days. Went to the Haight with the boys and just really had a great time.

I went to dental school in San Francisco over 30 years ago, but I was never at Golden Gate Park at night time. And I guess my memory was not thinking right about those cold baseball games at the old Candlestick Park. But I was sure glad I decided to throw in a light jacket at the last minute. It was very cold at the Polo Fields at GGP, but we were only about 1 mile from the ocean. You could see the fog coming in over the stage and it made me remember the quote that I heard over and over when I lived in the city by the bay.

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”

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