All it takes is a little thought

I stopped at the drive through at Jack in the Box the other day. Sometimes when I drive from Valencia to Los Angeles or the other way around I stop to get an ice tea. I remember the young man at the window wishing me a good day. And it seemed like he really meant it, it did not come off as being canned. And much to my delight I recognized it and thanked him and wished him the same.

Life does not have to be so complicated sometimes. You know they say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Yet, yesterday I spent some time really making sure I was smiling a lot and I found that it is not a habit I really have down yet. Here I am fifty five years old and I have always felt that having my face relaxed (no smiles no frown) was normal. Well I am going to try and change that and try to smile more as I am doing while I write this. Just maybe I will make someone’s day and maybe it will help me to stop and think before reacting and make life better for all those around me.

There is a saying that you are never too old to learn. I am living proof of that.

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