The Careerfusionista’s are my superbowl heroes

Ok, we are a few weeks past the New Year, all the college football games over and the teams are set for the Super Bowl, just one game left (who cares about the Pro Bowl) and hopefully we are still on top of our New Year’s resolutions.

I have just returned from the fourth straight year of CareerFusion. It is without a doubt a one of a kind meeting in the dental world. It is 5 days of empowerment to be what you want to be in the field of dental hygiene and multiple other areas of dentistry. And this year the organizers knocked it out of the park

There were more first timers there then in the past and I was grateful to be of service and share what a big treat they were in for. Some of the events they were to see were the table talks, or what I would like to call, high power focus groups. Participants often saw manufacturer’s prototypes to give input about, like how to make it better, how to bring it to clinical practice and in some cases, what wasn’t so great about the product.  And I told them by the end of the event they become fusionistas.

However, the keynote speaker, Todd Cohen, brought it all together for us all. Todd’s two books Everyone’s in Sales and Everyone’s is Sales Stop Apologizing are all about learning how to position yourself in the business world to help get what you want. His messages resonated soundly with all at CareerFusion. I found that what Todd excelled at was connecting on an individual basis with everyone in the meeting.  To learn more about Todd go to

I have so much to bring back to Southern California Dental health Associates to help our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

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