I didn’t get the full experience of Mother Nature

Over the years I believe all of us have experienced events in our lives which we would say were due to Mother Nature.

Living in Southern California I have had more than my fair share of earthquakes and now we are dealing with a drought like we haven’t seen in years.

A few years back my family was in New York when 22 inches of snow fell the day after Christmas.  My kids and I have never been in a city when it snowed and it was really a very cool experience (no pun intended)  central Park covered in snow, my kids writing in the snow on the windows on cars, learning that when they clear the street you just get a giant snow embankment.

A few years ago I was in Hawaii and I got a chance to see the big surf on the North Shore of Oahu, what is called the Pipeline.  I had seen it on TV and in the movies, but never in person.  I was spellbound as I watched the pure power of Mother Nature with her big waves.

So last month I took my Mom to Cabo, kinda of payback for all she has done for me and my family over the years.  And low and behold a Category 4 Hurricane was scheduled to pass right by us.  OK, I have to admit I have a morbid curiosity about the whole tornado/hurricane event (along with seeing an active volcano) as another of Mother Nature’s actionsd.

The resort we were staying at took down everything from the outside of the hotel, including all ceiling fans. Pool lounges, lamps on the sides of buildings…everything.  Remember they had a Category 4 in September of 2014.

The Hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm, then upgraded back to a 2 and then all the way back to a category 4.  Even the company that we traveled with wanted to find out if we wanted to get out of Cabo.

I kept track of everything on the weather Channel app, when I woke up Sunday morning it said 100% chance of rain. Never happened, my Mom and I even took a walk around the golf course near the ocean where I took a few minutes to meditate in 30 mile an hour winds, it was really beautiful

Long story short, very little rain, mostly from the pool and wind kicking it up.  We did get some wind, maybe it got to 50 miles an hour, not sure.  Everyone told me I should be happy not to experience a hurricane since it is the 4-5 days afterwards without power when everything turns ugly.  My morbid curiosity is still intact.

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