What the heck is wrong with us?

Over the years I have blogged on many different subjects, some healthcare related, some personal and some just random observations of life, or at least, life as I see it in Los Angeles.  I write this blog with a sense of sadness, but with also a bit of joy…because when it comes down to it, the only person I am responsible for is myself.


This morning I made my monthly trek to Costco.  And I observed how some people would say excuse me when they carts were in the way and I got to see others just cruise by without any regard for anyone else around.  When I was waiting in line a woman got in line behind me, she had but one item.  I offered to let her go ahead of me, but she said that it didn’t look like I had that much so she appreciated the gesture but declined my offer.


We began to talk about some observations both of us have made lately, namely, that the state of common courtesy has just about disappeared from the landscape of Los Angeles.  I know that it is still there, I just have to walk into some retail establishments and the staff are there to help me.  But when it comes to individual behavior we agreed courtesy is lacking.


Shall we bring up driving in Los Angeles?  Yesterday I had to go to a meeting and since it was a weekend morning there was not a lot of traffic.   I saw cars making left turns from the right hand land, running stops and even saw a truck blow right through a red light.   I even saw an Los Angeles city bus make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic, making all those cars break.  And he got made at the cars for honking at him when he was the one who broke the law.  Lastly, even though there was oncoming traffic, the pedestrian who crossed La Brea (a major street) against the red light and even he got made at the traffic.


Have we generated to a society that believes each of us has a right to interpret laws or common courtesies as they only apply to us?  The woman relayed her story of being rear ended on the freeway and when they were pulling over the other car started to take off.  She said she held up her cell phone and was videoing everything so the car stopped.  The gentleman got out of his car and started yelling at her even though he was the one who rear ended her.  She promptly told the gentleman that her husband works for the FBI and she will make sure that his life is a living hell if he did not treat her politely and give her the necessary information.  She was pretty clever for someone who isn’t married, but it was quick thinking and got her the info that should have been giving willingly to her.


So here is my final take on it all.  If you act rude that’s on you, it does not reflect on me at all.   If you want to cut in front on me at the last minute to get into my lane I don’t have to be as rude as you, I will let you in.  I will try to live my life the best I can with courtesy for all.  And I will even bring that promise to the entire team at our outstanding dental office, Southern California Dental Health Associates.  And if the team or I don’t live up to my promise, please let me know, we will make it right.  We are not perfect, but we want to live our lives with integrity.


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