I brush and Floss and still have inflamed and bleeding gums. Is there anything else?

I am glad you asked that.  New science shows that breaking up the biofilm (see http://ow.ly/9ruwk for what is biofilm) that is responsible for gum disease is a lot harder that what was previously thought. In fact a lot of people with good home care still lose a little ground every year on fighting the biofilm and gum disease.

There are only 3 known agents that can really break down the glue of biofilm and just one, hydrogen peroxide, can be used safely in the mouth.  There is a new delivery system out there called PerioProtect which can actually get the hydrogen peroxide under the gum tissue where the biofilm works and help break it down and greatly improve the health of the gum tissue.

The system uses a medical device that is made in specific labs which you put the hydrogen peroxide in (and sometimes a little antibiotic/anti-oxidant) which fits over your teeth for about 10-15 minutes a session.  Your particular gum issues will determine the number of times a days it is recommended for.

I am proud to say that our office, Southern California Dental Health Associates, is an official licensee of the PerioProtect system.

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