Halloween candy buyback

candysThis is the 5th year in a row that Southern California Dental Health Associates will be participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback program that is led by a friend of mine, Dr. Chris Kammer from the state of Wisconsin (a big Badger fan as well as a music junkie like me).  In our office we will accept as much candy as the children bring in, but limit our buyout to 5 lbs at $1.00 a pound.   The candy is then shipped overseas to our troops who appreciate some of the comforts from home.  And as an organization we also send all sorts of oral hygiene products to help the soldiers keep their teeth clean.


Here is what I find most interesting about the good that this program does.   Last year over 290 tons of candy was collected for Operation Gratitude.  That is over 580,000 pounds of candy.  And you can only imagine what a small portion of Halloween Candy is turned in.  Can you imagine how much is actually sold across this country?  I am not sure if the candy industry post numbers about this because it really is a very unhealthy situation….but I know one thing.  They are certainly up to the task of making as much candy and selling it as possible.


Just some facts for you to chew on….but remember to brush and floss and soft pick afterwards