Happy New Year

All of us Southern California Dental Health Associates hopes that all of you enjoyed the holiday season.  And wait; It’s not over yet.  We got Valentine’s Day coming up in a few weeks…another reason to celebrate with your loved ones.


New Year’s comes with resolutions.   I don’t know about you, but the team at SCDHA only made one; to consistently work on our customer service.  That’s a hard one for us to swallow since we don’t think of our patients as customers, we think of them as family.  And as much as we try, there are times we don’t meet our own standards.  The one thing you can bet on is if you let us know where we let you down, we will work 110% to make it better.


Southern California dental Health Associates has been serving the Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile, and the Pico-Robertson area for 37 years and we plan on doing it for many years to come.  If you are one of our family, please know that is our commitment to excellence and if you aren’t give us a call at 323-934-3341 and give us an opportunity to prove to you how much we actually care.