It’s CAREERfusion Time

There is a great organization out there in the dental world called CAREERfusion. I really don’t like calling it an organization, a movement would be a better description of this very forward group of mostly women, who are all about exploring any and all opportunities in the dental world and beyond. These were hygienists who wanted to expand their care for their patients, who wanted to present and lecture locally and nationally, and find other career opportunities in the dental field (and even outside of dentistry)

I was first introduced to this group by Shirley Gutkowski, one of the founders of CAREERfusion. I had shared with her at one of the regular dental meetings that I had this intense desire to do something more than just fill and drill teeth for the rest of my professional career. I told her that I had a passion for prevention and somehow wanted to make a difference greater than just in my own dental office. Shirley told me I had to go to CAREERfusion, that there would be answers there for my questions. I went to my first meeting in January 2012 and was blown away by the warmth, knowledge, desire to help and relationship building that was present.

I went back again last January and am planning my third trip this next January. But what I am really excited about is that I have an opportunity to share what CAREERfusion has meant to me in a webinar this coming Tuesday night, October 15th and 6:00 PM Pacific Time Zone. You can hear both Stacie Carlson, a Minneapolis based hygienist, and myself. Just follow the following link to sign up.

Hope to see you there and feel the passion of CAREERfusion.