Los Angeles Dentists Use The Latest Technology To Pinpoint And Treat Tiny Cavities

It is a commonly heard advisory to get dental check ups every six months. The common tendency instead, is to go to the dental clinic only when it cannot be avoided. It is usually pain that drives most people to the dentist’s chair. By this time, tiny cavities have become gaping holes or gums are bleeding and sore. A Los Angeles dentist has found a way to handle the prevalent tendency to only call on the dentist when things are out of hand.

Despite brushing teeth twice a day and following other guidelines, cavities may still occur. Sometimes, this is caused by diet that are acidic or by sugary food or drink. Acid starts to eat into the enamel as soon as it gets on them. Brushing immediately after eating wears the enamel down and tiny cavities may start to develop.

Dr. Engel and Dr. Dana, local dentists, use cutting edge technology to detect and take care of tiny cavities before they cause pain or damage to the teeth. Their machinery includes dental x-ray machines that produce images that show the surface of the teeth in great detail and a laser that helps find the tinest of cavities

They then set out to nip the problem in the bud before it escalates. In so doing, having teeth taken out because they have a large hole is avoided. The need for fillings is also removed.

For children, dental visits stop becoming something to dread because they are not going in to get a tooth pulled out or a large hole filled in. The doctors also look into possible causes of the cavity with the patients so that they do not recur.

Avoiding the problem of cavities and tooth removal depends on having frequent check ups where the machines are used to catch the cavities early. For both children and adults, a way to avoid tooth extraction is very good news indeed. The Los Angeles dentist team who has made it possible is a godsend.

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