New York with a little Philadelphia thrown in

Sometimes vacations can be as simple as sitting by the pool or beach and just relaxing.  And sometimes vacations can be go go go.  My trip to New York was mostly go go go but there were some memorable moments and some learning on my part that was pretty incredible.


I went to go see Wicked, even though I had seen in two times in the past.  It was an incredible production and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my brother for helping me get the tickets.  The two leads were outstanding and the costumes brilliant.  What really got me though was discussing the play with our group and the 15 year old asking who was really the good witch and who was really the bad one.  Very insightful.


We also went to the 9-11 Museum which was a painful reminder of a day I will never forget.  And yet there were a lot of side stories I had forgotten or didn’t even know about.  It was also very interesting to see and hear all the different responses or expressions of others as well.

We Finished the museum by taking the elevator to the top of the new World Trade Center

building and having lunch 9n the 101st floor.  It only took 47 seconds for the elevator and they had a video to watch showing the development of Manhattan over time.


On another day took the train to the city of brotherly love (home of the world champion Eagles..a shameless plug for my son, Joey), Philadelphia.  First we went to the Liberty Bell and I have to admit that it was a rather humbling experience for me.  I actually thought it would be no big deal to see a cracked bell, but after visiting the museum it really dawned on me as to the world wide symbol of freedom for all that it now represents.


And then we were off to the Benjamin Franklin museum.  I have to admit history is something that I don’t know well so I was amazed to know all the things Dr. Franklin had accomplished in his lifetime of 84 years.  As an example he was all of 11 years old when he invented the first swimming fins and a few years later used a kite to help him float/sail across a 1 mile lake.  He formed the first insurance company in the United States along with writing the constitution.  I left wondering what would he have invented had he been alive today.


We did many other things as well and I averaged about 21,000 steps a day.  Central Park is very cool place to walk or bike around (we did both) and we even saw a raccoon, just hanging out and totally not afraid of humans.  And the food….need I saw anymore.


Whatever your summer plans I wish you a great vacation where ever you may go.