Just Do It

Nike has a really good tag line don’t they…”Just Do It”  It can apply to so many places in our lives.  For those of you who have followed my blog I have been advocating for everyone that when it comes to their individual health.… read more

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Mouth Matters

I have to admit it, I didn’t come up with this headline.  It is the title of a book I have been reading by Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH.  The cover of the book says it all, Healthy Mouth Healthy Body. … read more

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Don’t Put It Off…I am Proof today

It has already started in our office, full force holiday spirit.  If you were to come in Maria and Natasha have outdone themselves this year with beautiful holiday decorations at Southern California Dental Health Associates.  There are so many ways people share the holiday spirit, including parties, family get togethers and of course all the little goodies that get passed around.… read more

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Sugar…more about the bitter truth

It’s been a while since I have blogged so I wanted to get down and dirty right away with a subject that as a dental health care professional I have a bone to pick with….and that is SUGAR

Sugar, the bitter truth was a phrase that I first heard from a Dr.… read more

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Keeping your kids teeth healthy

I recently read an article in a dental journal about how to better help parents take care of their children’s teeth.  It was very interesting in that the article really highlighted areas that I have been preaching about for a while now.… read more

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So it has been a little while since I have blogged so I just wanted to share a perfectly beautiful day I had yesterday here in Los Angeles


It all started with a great late morning meal at a little place in Los Feliz called the Mustard Seed Café on Hillhurst Dr. … read more

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My message at The Healthy Kids Day at the Hollywood YMCA

Recently I had to pleasure to participate at the Hollywood YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day.  It was a very hot day and the turnout was great.  The Y had some of their youth groups perform, like the dance group and the karate group. … read more

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A Reflection on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day


I just wanted to take a second and reflect on Father’s Day this year.


Tomorrow is Father’s Day and tonight is the 6 year anniversary of my father’s passing.  This is a time of reflection for me since my father was such a giant influence in my life. … read more

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2017 Here We come

Here it is and we are almost done with the month of January and I am writing my first blog of the year.  Better late than never as they say

So I started off the New Year as I usually do, heading to Florida for the CareerFusion meeting. … read more

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Halloween candy buyback

candysThis is the 5th year in a row that Southern California Dental Health Associates will be participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback program that is led by a friend of mine, Dr. Chris Kammer from the state of Wisconsin (a big Badger fan as well as a music junkie like me). … read more

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