Teledentistry is here

Yes, the entire team at Southern California Dental Health Associates is pleased to announce that we are now doing teledentistry. What does that mean to you or your family or friends? By using google hangout I (Dr. Engel) can have a face to face discussion, question, and answer to see how our team could help someone with their dental concerns.

Here is the great thing about our teledentistry. It is totally free. As opposed to many other places that are trying to monetize this aspect of care, we feel this is no different than picking up the phone and talking about a concern, something we would do for anyone. All we are going to do is ask that you call the office at 323-034-3341 and set up an appointment with me. I will be doing them early morning, evenings, and weekends. This will allow us to have the discussion without feeling like either of us is in a rush.

Remember that the calendar year is ending soon and if you have dental benefits and haven’t used them you risk losing them as they usually don’t roll over to the next year.