The Best Gourmet Ice Chips Ever

I can’t say that I am really a connoisseur of any type of food.  Heck, as a bachelor my cooking skills are limited at the best.  Thank god there is a formal broiler in the oven so I can’t screw up the steaks that much.

No, this blog is more of a shout out for all the team members at Olympia Medical Center.  After having been blessed with a fairly healthy life the road got a little tricky for me last weekend.  I had woken up on Thursday morning with some pain in my stomach but figured it was a little stomach flu or something like that.  I took it easy since it was not a patient day.  Friday I went to work and once again I didn’t feel great.

Now Saturday morning things changed and I woke up is such pain that I was sweating.  I wasn’t sure if I had kidney stones (something I have never experienced) or even an UTI, which is rare is men.  So I called my Mom and asked her if she could drive me to the hospital and off to Olympia Hospital I was.

There are other hospitals in the Los Angeles area with much bigger name cache, but it is across the street from my office and everytime I have been over it seems “normal”, not the crazy busy  that lets say a Cedars Sinai is.  Now at 5:30 on a Saturday morning the waiting room was a little crowded, but they were all there for one person.  So after he finished checking in, it was my turn…if I waited more than 5 minutes that was a lot

They got me into a room pretty quickly and the doctor came by and x-rays were taken. My symptoms were not classic so we waited for blood work and other tests to come back and decided on a CT scan.  The tech told me it should take about 20 minutes for the doctor to have the results, it took 10 and he basically told me “I don’t have good news, you are going to have surgery today”  Turns out my appendix no longer desired to be part of my body.

Lucky for me it was able to be done laparoscopically so I avoided having a huge incision which probably would have meant more time in hospital and more pain.  Surgery was an hour, I had a great talk with the anesthesiologist beforehand, only 2 surgeries all day on Saturday.

Now understand, I had not eaten really well for three days since I had some bloating starting on Thursday.  So when after the surgery they said I could have ice chips I had to jump at them.  And this I can tell you without a doubt were the best ice chips ever made.  I am sure no one could have made them better…and so that’s how my weekend was.

I wrote this blog for a few reasons.  First I have to give all the thanks to my mother, Sandy, who was there for me from the get go.  Lucky me, I had to apologize for no mother’s day card because I was going to buy it on Saturday.  Then of course my two boys Josh and Joey who came Saturday morning and helped stay with my Mom and keep her company when I wasn’t with it.  I also wanted to thank a certain lady in my life who was there when I got out of surgery.  And of course the rest of my family and friends who sent all the wishes.

But I also wrote this blog so I can go public with how grateful I am for the wonderful care and service I have received at Olympia Hospital.  Just a small community hospital, but they were there for me and they rose to the occasion.  I can’t recommend them enough.  And of course, compliments to the chef at the hospital for the best ice chips ever.