Tick Tick Tick – Is your Heart a Ticking Time Bomb?

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As we get less younger (politically correct for getting older) we get more tests at the doctor’s office. But did you know the treadmill stress test only registers if you have a 70% blockage of a vessel. That means you are already have some type of advanced heart disease.

Carotid Intima Media Thickness testing is noninvasive (it is an ultrasound test of the carotid artery in your neck and is highly recommended for its effectiveness in helping to diagnose heart disease by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

So even if you feel great you might benefit by having CIMT imaging if you have the following risk factors for heart attack, stroke or any vascular disease.

• Family history of heart disease/stroke
• Overweight
• Increased cholesterol level
• High-fat diet
• Tobacco user
• High blood pressure
• Diabetic
• Metabolic syndrome
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Psoriasis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis

We, the team and Southern California Dental Health, are very passionate about the preventive total body health of our patients and loved ones. We are grateful to VasoLabs, the national leader in CIMT Imaging, for teaming up with us and are participating in the Capital Drugs Sample Saturday & Health Fair (8578 Santa Monica Blvd.), Saturday March 22nd 12:00-4:00pm. Vasolabs will be setting up a mobile location and offering an incredible discount to “all” who attend the Capital Drugs Health Fair, $80 for CIMT Imaging, one day only!!!

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