You Just Never Know What Mother Nature Might Show

I admit that I am always not the quickest to take a picture on my cell phone. I am just not of the generation…but I might have to start rethinking what you can actually do with a cell phone.

Look at this picture I took last night when I was at Palmdale HS to watch a football game. Looks pretty cool. I also know how the transfer to facebook and emailing it so the picture went relatively viral in my own community.

As the game started, and throughout the night there were electrical storms out to the west, some incredible lightening strikes…but I was focused on the game instead of trying to take pictures of the lightening.

I always marveled at how well my dear cousin Oded was always with the latest apps for his cell phone to take pictures anywhere, any time. I have actually had patients snap their phone for pictures while they are in the office. I guess I am becoming part of the generation that is using more and more technology. Now, I just got to figure out how to do albums and post them to facebook..but there is time for that down the road.

Taking the picture and above and reading all the comments that it received really made me think about what I take for granted every day. There is so much beauty around us every day. And sometimes you just have to take the time to appreciate it.

While writing this I realize that my journey for this photo was totally different than usual. In planning my drive to Palmdale I did not want to have to worry about freeway traffic so I went online to see alternative routes to Palmdale. I drove a way I have never really gone, all the way up on Bouquet Canyon Road. I had only gone about 2miles north of the city on it in the past but I had the pleasure of many tight turns in dense trees and greens (some brown from drying out) seeing some cabin type homes along the way. I even drove past the Bouquet Reservoir (who knew?) I missed all the traffic and I tried something new…and it was really enjoyable.

I guess the best way to describe my experience yesterday was that it was full of nature, Mother Nature in her full glory. And I took the time to appreciate it all.