Dental Technology

Advanced Technology for Improved Dental Care in West Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills, CA Area

Our office is equipped with advanced dental technology to detect your problems early and ensure your comfort, including:

  • CariFree. This system lets us identify acidity or oral bacterial infections that cause tooth decay and treat them with special mouth rinses to prevent cavities.
  • VELscope. The most sophisticated system for early detection of oral cancer on the market, this painless, noninvasive test uses light to detect abnormal tissue in the mouth. Early detection of oral cancer greatly increases the chances of survival.
  • DIAGNOdent. A painless laser technology that pinpoints even the smallest areas of tooth decay that can’t be picked up by probing or X-rays. This lets us address your cavities early and preserve your teeth and smile.
  • Intra-oral cameras. These tiny cameras video the inside of the mouth and transmit the images to a screen, so you can view the state of your dental health and understand your treatment options.
  • Micro dentistry. Air abrasion technology that uses fine, harmless particles to gently work away enamel with painless precision. This lets us reduce the use of dental drills and the vibrations and noise they produce.
  • Digital X-ray machine that delivers images to a computer screen in seconds and use much less radiation that traditional X-rays.
  • Digital patient records for greater accuracy.

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