“Smile Protection Plus” Program

Preventive Dental Care for the Entire Family in the West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA Areas

Many dentists talk about preventive dental care, but at Southern California Dental Health Associates in West Los Angeles, we have designed a “Smile Protection Plus” program that puts that talk into action.

Cavities and Bacteria: What’s the Connection?

New studies show that cavities are not necessarily caused by sugar and poor hygiene but by a group of acid-producing bacteria that are transmissible and often affect entire families. Once you are affected, good oral care is not enough to stop the infection and prevent cavities.

That’s why we have invested in the CariFree system. In less than one minute, the system allows us to perform a painless screening test to discover if you have this infection. If so, we can provide powerful CariFree oral treatment products that can stop the infection and kill the bacteria in as little as 30 days and often costs less than a single filling.

We’ll also monitor your oral health by:

  • Performing thorough dental exams and taking digital X-rays, which use less radiation than conventional X-rays
  • Using the latest technology to pinpoint and treat tiny cavities before they spread and threaten your dental health.
  • Working one-on-one with you to identify any home care issues you may have and teaching you how to protect your teeth and gums between check ups.

With “Smile Protection Plus,” you and your family can preserve your natural teeth and sparkling smiles for a lifetime and receive special discounts on products and services.

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