How many times have you gone to the dentist and been told that you have cavities even though you brush and floss your teeth?  How about your friends, family or co-workers?  For years this has frustrated us dentists as well.   A lot of the times we just figured you told us you were brushing and flossing because that is what we wanted to hear.  Today,  I can tell you that in the last few years the science of cavities has changed dramatically and that the dentists at Southern California Dental Health Associates have the tools to help you. 

There are the usual reasons why we get cavities, sugars from food interact with bacteria to produce an acid that causes cavities.  Our body can fight this with minerals from our saliva but you get a cavity when the system is overloaded.  Then you go to the dentist and the cavity is drilled out and a filling is placed.  Over the years this filling will have to be replaced due to either wear and tear or new cavities, then you have crowns placed and the cycle goes on and on.  BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO ANYMORE.

At Southern California Dental Health Associates we want to teach you how to break the cycle of fill and drill.  We know that prevention is a dirty word and the feeling out there is that nobody really wants prevention, they want the doctors to make us better overnight.  BUT, it is not hard to break the cavity cycle.  Today, there is a product called CariFree and this is the product that actually attacks the home of where the bacteria live in the mouth, the biofilm.  Carifree is an essential tool to help treat everyone who is at high risk for getting cavities.

How do you know if you are a high risk for cavities?  Have you had more that one filling in the last year? Do you snack often during the day?  How is your home care?  Answer yes to any of these questions and you are high risk.  Carifree has a test that can tell you if the bacteria are flourishing in the biofilm in your mouth and we have this test at Southern California Dental Health Associates.

Want to help yourself or a friend?  Be one of the first 25 people to call our office at 323-934-3341 and you can have the CariFree test free and you can find out how active the bacteria are in your mouth.  Call today so we can help you reduce your risk for costly and time consuming dentistry in the future.

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