Private Care Saving Plan

The annual fee to become a member of the Private Care Savings Program is “Patient’s” choice of:

Option #1

Single Payment of $350.00 (save $50.00)

Option #2

3 consecutive payments, first being $187.00 and then two of $93.75

Additional immediate family members may be added for $297.00 each

Note: Additional immediate family members may be added for $297 each, with a minimum of 3 or more members

“Patient” agrees to:

  • Attend all scheduled appointments at the scheduled times and if appointment is missed, it is forfeited.
  • Give a minimum or 2 business days notice for rescheduling appointments or if not it is forfeited.
  • Make on-time payments (maximum savings achieved by paying in full).


ServiceMember Discount
Two complete professional “6 month” cleanings (not including periodontal treatment).100% coverage.
Two complete exams (new patient and/or periodic) by our doctors during hygiene visits.100% coverage.
One complete annual recommended periodic x-ray series.100% coverage.
All non-elective general dentistry procedures, including treatments for periodontal disease.10% Member Discount.
All purely elective cosmetic density procedures, including Six Months Smiles, Invisalign and porcelain veneers (minimum of 4 teeth).15% Member Discount.
No “maximums”, no “waiting periods”, no “exclusions”, no “red tape”.
10% Savings on all dental products.

Savings is based payment in full.

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