Los Angeles Dental Office Provides Endodontic Care To Prevent Tooth Loss

Teeth problems can seem to suddenly develop, but in reality it can be a slow process. Once you begin to have a toothache, it may be too late to simply remove tooth decay and fill the tooth. You may have only two choices to consider. The first choice may be to lose a tooth, and the second choice involves saving teeth. Your Los Angeles dentist can discuss these options with you, and hopefully you will not have to lose any teeth.

Endodontic dental care is about caring for teeth root problems and their surrounding tissue. Sometimes tooth decay can progress to the point where it affects the nerve of your tooth, and you begin to have pain. If not taken care of, this can cause one to lose the tooth, and it may spread to surrounding teeth.

Dentistry professionals have the training and experience to help you with your teeth problems. Instead of extracting an affected tooth, a procedure known as a root canal can eliminate the problem without the loss of teeth.

When you make a dental appointment for tooth pain, you will receive an x-ray of any affected teeth. The dentist will examine the x-ray and discuss the problem with you. If a root canal is needed, you can discuss the process and what is involved.

During a root canal the affected tooth will be deadened, so you will not feel any pain. This usually involves an injection, and may take a few minutes for it to take effect. Afterwards, the area will be numb.

Your Los Angeles dentist can perform a root canal procedure in the office. The tooth is drilled and the root is removed. You will receive a temporary crown, until your new crown is ready. When the new crown is installed, your tooth will be as good as new. In fact, it may be better than before.

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