49er’s Are Back

So, I want to keep going on what the meeting in Florida has done for me. Yes, it was called CareerFusion, but it also got me to go on a little trip down memory lane since I also had a chance to meet someone who is good friends with a lot of the people I went to dental school with…….those good old days in San Francisco from 1979 to 1982.
Yup, this year is the 30th Anniversary of our graduation from dental school and it is so easy to get caught up in all those incredible memories from school days. Let’s talk about a particular memory…the 49er’s first Super Bowl title against the Bengals at Super Bowl XVI in January of 1982.
I remember all the excitement that was sweeping through San Francisco. I remember all of my friends that were at my apartment for the playoff games and then, my first ever SuperBowl party. I remember the people flooding the streets after the Niners had won the game (my apartment was on Union St). And the dynasty began. I even had Joe Montana poster in my first dental office.
Fast forward to today and the playoffs have a little something more for me this year. I have a pony in the race, I have a reason to root for the home team. The 49ers are back.
I believe the biggest story of the 49er’s season is that the turnaround took just one year. Jim Harbaugh did it all in just one year. It’s unbelievable the amount of change he got in one year.
So it gives me hope that a lot of the dreams that I have to accomplish in the next year can get done.
And with that, I am out and getting ready for football Sunday. My wife is out of town so that means I have no guilt in watching the games back to back today

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