Supercharge it

I am sitting in my hotel room in steamy hot Portland just starting to power down after attending the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry’s annual meeting. And talk about getting my batteries charged once again.
This is the fourth year in a row that I have attended their meeting. And as usual the meeting left me so energized that my personal path in dentistry is right on target with what the WCMID really stands for.
Those of you that know me and have spent time with me will know that I am all about prevention. The two biggest dental infections, cavities and gum disease can be prevented. It is ultimately about personal responsibility and it is something that I have been struggling with for a long time…how do I get those patients that trust me with their dental care to not only help them with their dental health, but somehow let me educate them that dental health can also translate to better overall health.
So let me tell you about the dentists who are the leadership of the WCMID. First off, they have no egos at all, in fact, for being leaders in the their fields of science and technology they are probably the most humble group of experts that I have ever been associated with. They are some of the most forward thinking individuals in dentistry that I have ever met, out of the box thinkers. And as a group, they understand that they are fighting an uphill battle, trying to educate dentists that there are conservative ways to treat our patients. In essence, they are trying to improve the health of the dental patients of the world and actually help them to save money. That’s right..SAVE YOU MONEY, because minimally invasive dentistry should help preserve your teeth and leave them stronger than many other types of dental treatment.
But this is what really sets the WCMID apart. They try to include everyone at the meeting and welcome all sorts of interactions. And all the members take the time to help one another, something that you don’t often see out there.
For the fourth year in a row….I know that I am part of a special group of dentists and friends and it feels so good.

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