My New Year’s Resolution is………?

Here goes my last blog for 2012 and yet the blog that sets up my life for the next year. Many of you may have many different types of resolutions that you want to make. There are so many ways to go. I try to make just one that I can work on all the time and hope it makes me a better person.

A few weeks ago I wrote about what Mahatma Gandhi one said “you must first be the change you want in the world”. This is something that really enveloped how I have been living my life the past year. I have had numerous opportunities to learn more about health, whether it be books on audible (and I heard some great ones including Food Politics by Marion Nestle, The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman and Attached by Amir Levine), dental journals, Association meetings (like The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health videos) and having some of the greatest mentors in the world (thanks to Bill Domb, Eric Z and Shirley G just to name a few). I have lost weight, I eat healthier and I exercise religiously. My weight is back to what it was back when I was in my twenties (no mean feat) and my blood work is pretty darn good. I can’t be a hypocrite……not in my DNA. So I feel very strongly I must practice what I preach.

So my New Year’s Resolution is simple and plays into my not wanting to be a hypocrite…which is to “Be more Tolerant of Others”. Wow, that’s a mouthful. And trust me when I tell you that I honestly believe this is what is wrong with the world: religiously, ethnically, sexual orientation and politically. Intolerance is killing this planet.

So my goal is to have more tolerance to others. It does not mean I have to agree with every opinion out there (THERE IS NO WAY I WILL EVER AGREE WITH COKE THAT SUGAR IS NOT ADDICTING) it does mean that I have to work better on working on what I can change in the world and not worrying about what I can’t change (that means Washington DC).

As always I am here, as is the entire team at Southern California Dental Health Associates, to help educate you to the values of oral health and how it might affect your entire overall health.

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