Life is like a shooting gallery

I was just watching our local news mesmerized by the images of the horses running from the flames of our latest wildfire. These horses would race away from the road towards the ridge of fire, seem stuck and then head back to the road. But these were domesticated horses and they instinctively (or were trained) not to cross the road. So back up the ridge they headed. I have to admit I was feeling somewhat distraught…why wasn’t anyone doing anything to save the horses. And then, much to my happiness 3 firemen were able to approach the horses, calm them down and rescue them. Just another example of the many heroes that grace society today. By the way the picture is of the smoke from the fire from behind where my house is.

Unfortunately, there are way too many opportunities these days for the heroes. I couldn’t even imagine what it must be like to live in the Midwest right now. The poor people who have been getting their lives ripped apart by tornadoes just one week apart. Add to it the rains and the flooding. And I am sure they are plenty of people in those communities that have been heroes, like the school teacher who laid over her students to protect them during the tornado.

Which brings to the headline of the story, life is like a shooting gallery, you knock down the ducks and more just keep showing up. It was a patient, who I have known for a long time, sharing with me her analogy of life. It doesn’t matter what problem you solve, there is another one waiting around the corner to create more issues for you. And thanks to her and to many others in my life I have learned that no matter what I do now, there will be more tomorrow. It is how we deal with the problems that define our days, weeks etc. etc. At the tender young age of 55 I realize that I have the right to get angry, disappointed, sad or whatever at any situation. It is how I deal with it after the moment occurs that makes the world go round. And if I choose not to deal with a problem right then and there the world doesn’t stop either.

Good news, I am never too old to learn. Till next time……

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