It’s not over till the fat lady sings

I was so happy for my oldest son when the Bronco’s won the Super Bowl. He has been a Bronco fan for as long as I can remember. There was a three year period when I had to buy him a new jersey every year because they had traded away the player’s jersey that Josh already had. Thank god he started going for more of the position players so the turnover on jerseys hasn’t been that bad of late

This past season I told my two boys we would now go to a game at the stadium of their favorite teams. For Josh it was Denver and for my younger son, Joey, it would be Philadelphia, home of his beloved Eagles. Since these were major trips it would be one a year and we decided on Denver since Josh wasn’t sure Peyton Manning would be around for another season.   And we made the trek for Denver in November to see the Bronco’s play the Kansas City Chiefs.

While the three of us had realized that Peyton had his struggles we were hoping to see a bounce back game as the Bronco’s had lost the first game of the season the week before. On this day, Peyton Manning set a record for the most passing yards of any quarterback in history and proceeded to have one of his worst games ever as a pro, throwing 4 interceptions in just over one half of football. The Bronco’s pulled him and we openly wondered, did we see Peyton Manning’s last game as a pro.

At this point we all know the end of the story. Peyton Manning came in the last game of the regular season to spark the Bronco’s to victory and gave the team home field advantage throughout the playoffs which ended with their stunning victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Now in all fairness to the Bronco’s, the entire season was about how great the team played defense and we all learned that great teams can overcome individual stars on the other side of the line. But the old man did come back in and he played pretty clean and the Bronco’s won. And most importantly, I got to watch my son, who paced throughout the Super Bowl (he was too nervous to sit down) enjoy the victory which capped his entire season of watching every Bronco game.

I also learned a valuable lesson for myself, one which I constantly have to remember. It doesn’t matter who you are, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. So, I got to keep going out there, do the best I can and try and serve my patients every day in their quest for optimal dental health. I get to keep staying up on the latest and greatest topics of health and see how they can impact health. And I don’t get to quit until the fat lady sings.

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