My most limited resource

Recently I have committed to becoming one of those go to guys when it comes to prevention and your health.  I got to make it clear and straight to all of you.  Big money based companies (and to some degree the government) really don’t have an interest in preventing disease, they have more of an interest in treating disease.  I can’t tell you how many times I have read that research at universities is being funded by big Pharma and the government (who get a lot of their money from big pharma).  Big pharma does not want to see us eliminate disease, there is no money n it for them.

But let me break it down to a more common issue.  Can they make cell phones that last more than 2 years with all the bells and whistles?  Of course they can, but there is no money in it for the companies if we can use the same device for over 5-6 years if we are ok without getting the latest and greatest.  Planned obsolescence is what I call it.  And with limited resources on this planet is it really the best thing for us….I think not.

So I came up with this interesting thought.  To me, my most limited resource is me.  I certainly can’t cut off a finger and have a new one grow back.  Loss a limb and it’s gone forever.  Yes we have prosthetics that can help us function better, as if we have complete limbs, but I don’t think there is anyone out there who thinks it is better than what we were born with.  And think about time and how it relates to me, I only have so much time in the day to take care of the things I want to take care of.  And I think I can talk for most of us when I say there are value judgments I have to make every day as to how I spend my time.  Recently I decided that as much as I hate stretching, I had better make it a bigger part of my day if I don’t want to have those annoying aches and pains that creep in when I don’t do it.

As a dentist, I think the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis is trying to educate my patients, and sometimes just strangers that I meet, about the  roll the mouth plays in regard to the overall health of the human body.  And I get it, it is a challenge for people to take proper care of their mouth for lots of reasons, time, cost, skills, food choices and the list goes on and on.  And as I recently wrote in a blog all I can do is educate someone, it’s up to them to decide their value judgement for what they want to do at home to take care of their health.  Time time time

But I wanted to share this.  A new study found that people with chronic kidney disease have almost a 33% higher mortality rate if they have gum disease compared to those without gum disease.  And it is almost as high as those with chronic kidney disease and diabetes (without gum disease).  WOW.  And as one of the authors wrote “We are just beginning to scratch the surface of the interplay between gum disease and other chronic diseases; whether that be kidney disease, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.”

At Southern California Dental Health Associates we have a strong commitment to educate our patients about the oral systemic link, and the risks of having disease in the mouth.  Our Los Angeles office, located in the Miracle Mile, can help you find out if you have gum disease, what some of your personal risk factors are and give you all the tools possible to eliminate this one major type of chronic inflammation in the body.

So my most precious limited resource is myself, my health and time.  I want to maximize all of it.  Taking the time to keep my mouth health is something that I value and will continue to do.

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