Precious Gift

All of us are a precious gift.

I went to the market this morning to round up some food for the next week. While approaching the checkout, I noticed a gentleman was carrying his food without a basket. He dropped a big bottle of BBQ sauce. And while the floor was the major casualty, my pants and some of the food in my cart got a little southern sweetness as a result.

This man was extremely apologetic and the expression he had on his face was that it was going to be like that all day. The clerk, myself and the other customers all made it clear to him that accidents happen and to have a great day. We all had a good laugh about it for 5 minutes and he left by letting us know that we should all have a blessed day.

I later joked with the lady behind me in line that this was just some extra laundry and I can always wash my pants without a second thought. She thanked me for my attitude and that’s when I told her that this is how I live my life. I live it as if everyone is a precious gift. I feel that this fundamental thought of reminding ourselves that each one of us is a gift, if honored by everyone, would go a long way to easing a lot of our fears and struggles. While I am not responsible for others, I choose to live my life as unselfishly as possible in everything that I do.

I also think that in today’s world it is important to have open dialogue about what we might do to just try and make the world a little bit better place. Try it for yourself, it’s a great relief when we can think of other people first.

Stay well.

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