Let’s face it, the year 2020 has posed so many challenges to our American culture and the world in general. I do believe that if one carries a positive attitude, one can affect change within their own lives and those around them..that’s what I am trying to do.

The media and dental journals have been reporting about dental care in the United States since the pandemic started. I want to share that what we have been seeing at Southern California Dental Health Associates is pretty consistent with the reports.

Here goes. It is pretty clear that people have had all types of issues to deal with. And everyone has handled those issues in their own personal ways. What we have found is that a lot of people changed some of their habits during the times we were told to shelter at home. Most dental patients missed at least one or two appointments with the hygienist. A lot of patients started grinding and/or clenching their teeth due to the stress in their lives. This can make gum disease worse. Dietary habits, exercise and proper dental home care were other problems with the pandemic. To top it all off, gum disease is being included as a risk factor for a bigger issue if you do get Covid-19 because of the chronic inflammation that accompanies it.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to wait until New Year’s 2021 to make some new healthy resolutions. Slowly you can start incorporating little changes to get you back on track. Try simple steps like limiting your snacks during the day, stay away from sugary drinks and get back to excellent home care.

Is it safe to go to the dentist’s office? YES IT IS. If you have concerns call your dentist and ask them about your concerns. I know that at Southern California Dental Health Associates we have all the protective gear and protocols to keep everyone safe. If you are looking for a new dental home feel free to call us at 323-934-3341 so that together we can help you on to the path of not good but excellent health.

While we can’t change the past we can help create a better future. IT’S NOT TOO LATE

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