It’s your life, how do you want to live it?

Everyday we are given constant reminders of just how fleeting life can be.   Earlier this week I found out that someone I have met at a dental meeting several years back had passed away from cancer.  She was so supportive of the meeting and all the attendees that she truly exemplified the entire concept of the CareerFusion organization.  Pam Conway was always so nice to me and all of us who had the honor of meeting you, dealing with you, enjoying our time in Florida together will miss you.

And of course, the big loss in the music industry as Prince passed away.  I never had a chance to see him perform live, but I can remember so many times I saw him on TV or in Purple Rain.

A little funny story about Prince in his early days.  My older brother worked for a restaurant company called the Magic Pan and had been transferred out to the Minneapolis/St Paul area and saw Prince perform in his earliest days.  And his comment was he won’t amount to anything.  Good thing my brother was not a talent agent.

I am just a year older than Prince so his death kinda makes me look at my own mortality, something I never did years ago or before I had kids.  And it made me realize once again that no one really knows when their time is up, it just happens.  So I had to take a look at myself and get back into habits that might allow my body to age a little bit better.

Don’t get me wrong, life at 58 is nothing like I thought it was going to be when I was a mere lad of twenty.  58 was really old back then, but I don’t feel old now.  Some of this has to do with genetics and so far genetics have been kind to me.  However, I am more keenly aware that the only person who can affect how I age and live the rest of my life is……me.  No surprise here as I am in a big believer in the personal responsibility part of life.

And that ties in with my professional life, that of a gently mass torturer, otherwise known as a dentist.  The research is coming back more and more that the health of one’s mouth can severely impact their overall health.  A lot of press this week about how two bacteria that are common in gum disease have been implicated in pancreatic cancer.  There are so many links between chronic disease in the mouth and how this is a risk for so many other disease processes.

So, the big question is, how do you want to go on living your life.  And it is your life, no one can tell you what to do or how to live it.  However, if you want to live a long and fruitful life then I recommend you start becoming responsible for your own health.  You should reduce your consumption of sugar, exercise, take care of your mouth among other actions to give yourself the best chance to live to be 100.  If you or your loved ones have any types of dental concerns and how they might be impacting your life feel free to reach out to us at Southern California Dental Health Associate and let us help you achieve the most out of your life.Dr.Engel

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