Keeping your kids teeth healthy

I recently read an article in a dental journal about how to better help parents take care of their children’s teeth.  It was very interesting in that the article really highlighted areas that I have been preaching about for a while now.


Short of genetic problems it is possible that any child born today can go through their entire life without ever having a cavity or having to deal with gum disease.  Dr. Joel Berg, in a recent article he wrote called “Early Interventions to Support Pediatric Oral Health” outlines what multiple different dental organizations feel is necessary for kids health.


To answer a question I get all the time when should I take my baby to the dentist, the article states no later than the child’s first birthday.  There multiple areas that should be covered including cavity risk assessment, dietary habits and home care.


It is very important for parents to understand that just taking a child to the dentist twice a year for cleaning and fluoride treatment is not enough to prevent a child from getting cavities.  Included in the discussion is the understanding the frequency of eating carbohydrates plays a much greater role in cavity formation than the quantity eating at one time.


Cavity risk assessment is so important these days, particularly for those of preschool age or those with special needs.  If a child is found to be high risk then it involves even more cooperation between the dental care providers and the parents, even a greater reason to have a dental home for the child.


There is so much talk about the high cost of medical and dental care.  The amount health care is costing our country is not sustainable.  I am a firm believer of trying to take control of your health and not need to care to begin with.


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