Los Angeles Dentists, Dr. Engel And Dr. Dana, Provide Preventive Dental Care For The Family

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PRESS RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA, 16-AUG-2011: Dr. Jonathan Engel, DDS and Dr. David Dana, DDS, have been recognized for their success in providing the most technologically advanced dental care for families in a comfortable and pleasant environment. The Los Angeles dentist team focuses on assuring that patients are able to achieve their goals of beautiful and healthy teeth and providing the education, training and resources needed for patients to become active participants in their dental health.

When interviewed recently, the doctors stated, “We have developed the techniques and methods that are needed to assure that the entire family feels comfortable and confident when they visit. Our care plans include educating our patients on the ways they can address dental care proactively at home and the steps they can take to assure that each visit with us is positive. We take pride in our ability to help young patients avoid many of the pitfalls of poor dental hygiene through the establishment of simple habits that will stay with them through adulthood.”

The doctors work closely with patients to assure that any issues are addressed immediately and proactive steps are taken to eliminate more invasive steps to address problems that could have been taken care of early. During the consultation, the doctors will evaluate eating habits, diet, lifestyle and activities of the patients. In addition, a complete examination will be conducted to identify any issues or potential issues that should be addressed.

After analyzing all of the information collected, the doctors will develop an individualized program that will address any immediate issues and provide the long-term assistance that is needed to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth. The doctors will often make recommendations for changes in diet to increase the vitamins and nutrients that are needed to ensure healthy teeth.

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