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  • A Reflection on Father’s Day
    I just wanted to take a second and reflect on Father’s Day this year.   Tomorrow is Father’s Day and tonight is the 6 year anniversary of my father’s passing.  This is Read more
  • The Best Gourmet Ice Chips Ever
    I can’t say that I am really a connoisseur of any type of food.  Heck, as a bachelor my cooking skills are limited at the best.  Thank god there is Read more
  • It’s your life, how do you want to live it?
    Everyday we are given constant reminders of just how fleeting life can be.   Earlier this week I found out that someone I have met at a dental meeting several Read more
  • Boy, Was I schooled this week!
    Let’s get the facts straight here.  I have been practicing dentistry for almost 34 years.  Southern California Dental Health Associates opened its state of the art facilities in the Miracle Read more
  • The storm is coming
    keep hearing that in drought ridden California, hoping that El Niño is going to be delivering a lot of rain to help us out.  Unfortunately, this article is not about Read more
  • My most limited resource
    Recently I have committed to becoming one of those go to guys when it comes to prevention and your health.  I got to make it clear and straight to all Read more
  • It’s not over till the fat lady sings
    I was so happy for my oldest son when the Bronco’s won the Super Bowl. He has been a Bronco fan for as long as I can remember. There was Read more
  • What can I do? It’s up to you
    Here it is the end of January 2016 and I am writing my first blog of the year.  Feels good to be back as I spent 10 days in Florida. Read more
  • I brush and Floss and still have inflamed and bleeding gums. Is there anything else?
    I am glad you asked that.  New science shows that breaking up the biofilm (see http://ow.ly/9ruwk for what is biofilm) that is responsible for gum disease is a lot harder that Read more
  • What the heck is wrong with us?
    Over the years I have blogged on many different subjects, some healthcare related, some personal and some just random observations of life, or at least, life as I see it Read more
  • The Bald Me
    It’s been a little while since my last blog and to be honest, a lot has happened since then. I am sure that you know that the entire team at Southern Read more
  • I didn’t get the full experience of Mother Nature
    Over the years I believe all of us have experienced events in our lives which we would say were due to Mother Nature. Living in Southern California I have had more Read more

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