• Life is like a shooting gallery
    I was just watching our local news mesmerized by the images of the horses running from the flames of our latest wildfire. These horses would race away from the road Read more
  • Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends
    It has been a while since I have blogged and I miss the opportunity to actually sit down and share about something. The last few weeks I have taken some personal Read more
  • All it takes is a little thought
    I stopped at the drive through at Jack in the Box the other day. Sometimes when I drive from Valencia to Los Angeles or the other way around I stop Read more
  • My Gratitude
    This week I celebrated my 55th birthday. I just want to share what someone wrote in my birthday card I said a prayer for you today and know God must have heard.I Read more
  • Happy Birthday To Me From Blue Cross Or Why I Hate Insurance Companies
    This is going to be a short blog, just an opportunity for me to vent about the lovely present I got from my insurance company, Blue Cross, for turning 55 Read more
  • It’s All So Confusing
    What food should I eat, should I be a vegan or should I do the paleo diet? Should I exercise a lot or should it be short but intense interval Read more
  • 2017 Here We come
    Here it is and we are almost done with the month of January and I am writing my first blog of the year.  Better late than never as they say So Read more
  • Don’t Quit Yet
    Hey, this is your first pep talk of the year. That’s right, there is a little bit of a good conscious thing going on here. It seems like we all Read more
  • Think Positive…It’s 2014!
    A lot of us go through those little indiscretions during the holiday season. We eat something we normally wouldn’t, we don’t exercise as much as we should or just find Read more
    For the second year in a row I went to the world’s greatest dental meeting, CAREERfusion in Florida. It took place in Daytona Beach (where the race track is right Read more
  • My New Year’s Resolution is………?
    Here goes my last blog for 2012 and yet the blog that sets up my life for the next year. Many of you may have many different types of resolutions Read more
  • What do you wish for this holiday season?
    It is occurring to me, that as usual, I can sit here and say where did the time fly so quickly? It just seems like 2012 was just starting and Read more

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