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  • It’s All About The Kids
    I have to admit, there is very little that I enjoy more than being around kids.  My entire life, even from when I was a teenager, I have been able Read more
  • Enough with the Rain
    Ok, I have had it with the rain. I thought we may have had our annual rainfall in December when all hell broke loose in Southern California. I was happy Read more
  • Do you want to breathe better? And longer?
    According to the headlines from the Dental Tribune keeping your gums healthy may actually lead to healthier lungs.  There was a new study that came out that suggests that gum Read more
  • What are your thoughts about Probiotics?
    OK, I’ll admit it, I have come to a place in health that I am actually very confused about. It is the area of probiotics. On the face of it Read more
  • Someone is Watching from Heaven
    So something pretty impressive happened yesterday on the campus of UCLA (apologies to Dr V. who is such a diehard Trojan). In 1965 Pauley Pavilion opened up, a place the Read more
    OK, I like the way the last few weeks have been lining up. First we got the Superbowl and had a great group of friends at the house for my Read more
  • It’s the Super Bowl Weekend
    The bitter sweet truth about Super Bowl Sunday. What a great game this year with the Steelers and the Packers. It certainly pencils out like a thriller and then….it’s all Read more
  • We return to my concept of conscious prevention
    I have had a lot of fun blogging about events going on in my life.  This week has been very successful for me at home.  My wife has been off Read more
  • Welcome Back My Friends To The Show that Never Ends
    Ok, I admit it, I have been a rock n roll junkie most of my life. Lately, there has been a little more R&B going on in my house since Read more
  • The Mamas and the Papas got it wrong.
    Seems it never rains in southern CaliforniaSeems I’ve often heard that kind of talk beforeIt never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn ya?It pours, man, it pours It’s an Read more
  • Bubby Ain’t Half the Man He Used To Be
    First, I have a retraction to make from last week’s blog..it was Albert Hammond that sang It Never Rains in Southern California not the Mamas and the Papas…thanks to Rich Read more
  • The Big Old Dog is Moving In
    Happy New Years to all of you. May this coming year bring you all you need and more. Why the little homage to George Thorogood and his lyrics? I just wanted Read more

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