• Tell us about your summer!
    The dog days of summer are upon us, and what better time for the doctor and our team to ask our patients about their summer! Whether you visited our nation’s capital, Read more
  • Happy Fourth of July
    Every year, Americans all over the world celebrate the birth of the country and its independence on the Fourth of July. There are countless ways that people celebrate and they Read more
  • Everyday Life Can Dull Your Smile
    Over time, our teeth can appear more yellow. It could be stained from food or it could simply be an effect of age. Because our teeth are porous, even if Read more
  • The Safety of Dental X-Rays
    An article was released to the public stating that dental X-rays contribute to a type of brain cancer. After reading an article like this, your first thought may be to Read more
  • Ten Fun Things to Do with Your Old Toothbrush
    the doctor and our staff recommend that you replace your worn-out, germy toothbrush with a new one every three months. But most people either forget or resist getting rid of Read more
  • I can see clearly now
    I can see clearly now the rain is gone I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright bright sunny Read more
  • What drinking soda can do to your body part 2
    Last month I wrote about what happens to your body right after you drink a soda.  This month some other interesting facts about sodas.   If you think moderation is the key Read more
  • Soda..here is what it does to your body
    The following list is what happens when you drink a sugary soft drink kept simple. 10-12 teaspoons of sugar enter your system (your stomach doesn’t react to the extreme sweet because Read more
  • Possible the most inexpensive way to prevent gum disease
    At Southern California Dental Health Associates we take a strong stand against gum disease.  We believe that the mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body and the Read more
  • Happy New Year
    All of us Southern California Dental Health Associates hopes that all of you enjoyed the holiday season.  And wait; It’s not over yet.  We got Valentine’s Day coming up in Read more
  • Take the 2 Minute Challenge
    I have a confession to make, I hate to stretch.  Maybe because it hurts since I don’t do it, or maybe because I was told when I was young I Read more
  • Just Do It
    Nike has a really good tag line don’t they…”Just Do It”  It can apply to so many places in our lives.  For those of you who have followed my blog Read more

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