• They made Gatorade stop
    If you have been following my blog then you know I am pretty much about health and taking personal responsibility for it. And over the last couple of weeks I Read more
  • The Double Edge Sword of Healthcare Reform
    Last week my blog talked about how healthcare reform starts with the patients and not with the system.  I wanted to follow up on this theme a little bit this week.  And Read more
  • Where is Health Care Reform
    Life is full of choices.  As a parent I tried to impart onto my kids that they always have choices as to what they do.  However, sometimes, with bad choices can come Read more
  • The Dental Health Assessment
    At Southern California Dental Health Associates we feel very strongly that the health of your mouth is essential for your overall health.    Your mouth gives us a picture of Read more
  • These things make a difference
    This past Friday morning Wendy, one of the excellent hygienists at Southern California Dental Health Associates, gave her patient the supreme compliment.  In Wendy’s words the patient’s gum tissues were Read more
  • Are Cavities on the Rise?
    For many years the public has been inundated with all sorts of messages about cavities and tools on how to prevent them. As much as I wish I could tip Read more
  • Brighten Your Smile and Help a Child or How Close Can You Get To The Hollywood Sign?
    I have to admit its two messages in one. Southern California Dental Health Associates is committed to giving back to the community.  We have not one but two different chairy campaigns gong Read more
  • Brushing Up on Oral Health: Never Too Early to Start
    As the AAP and other children’s organizations report, tooth decay (also called early childhood caries, or ECC) is the most common chronic children’s disease in the country. As a result, Read more
  • This Sure Isn’t Staying In Vegas
    Not everything that happens in Las Vegas has to stay in Las Vegas.  The hygiene team at Southern California Dental Health Associates took a quick trip to the desert city Read more
  • Let the sun shine…
    …but keep my lips safe and clean  OK, here in Southern California I wish I was saying Let it Rain, but it just doesn’t seem to be going that way for Read more
  • Give Back, Whiten Your Smile & Get a Tax Write Off
    The annual Smiles for Life Campaign has officially begun. 50% of ALL teeth whitening proceeds will be donated to benefit the after school programs of the Hollywood Wilshire YMCA. This Read more
  • Tick Tick Tick – Is your Heart a Ticking Time Bomb?
    Dear Friends, As we get less younger (politically correct for getting older) we get more tests at the doctor’s office. But did you know the treadmill stress test only registers if Read more

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