• The Many Types of Sedation Dentistry
    There are many reasons to choose sedation dentistry. Perhaps anxiety is an issue, or your teeth are extremely sensitive. You may have a low pain threshold, an easily triggered gag Read more
  • Thanksgiving in North America
    Thanksgiving marks the start to the holidays; a season filled with feasting, indulging, and spending time with family and friends are always special. Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for giving Read more
  • Teledentistry is here
    Yes, the entire team at Southern California Dental Health Associates is pleased to announce that we are now doing teledentistry. What does that mean to you or your family or Read more
  • Gum Disease and Covid
    Just In…Gum disease does contribute to heart disease, cancer and an individual’s susceptibility to contracting Covid 19. Those of you who know me are already aware of what is being called Read more
  • How does a tooth decay?
    When acids are allowed to erode tooth enamel long enough to leach calcium and other minerals from your enamel and dentin, a process called demineralization occurs. This rapidly leads to Read more
  • Why would you want to put your health at risk?
    At Southern California Dental Health Associates, we feel very strongly that the guiding principle of dental care is prevention. Dental health issues have been listed as risk factors for so Read more
  • Preventing Periodontal Disease
    Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent health issues in America, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting it affects approximately 65 million people, or roughly 47 percent of Read more
    Let’s face it, the year 2020 has posed so many challenges to our American culture and the world in general. I do believe that if one carries a positive attitude, Read more
  • Getting Ready for Winter
    Winter Is Coming. Okay, that sounded a lot more dramatic in a popular fantasy series. But here in the real world, winter is coming as well, so let’s look at some Read more
  • I choose……..LOVE
    I have a hunch that all of us reach clarity about certain issues at some point in our lives.  I want to share how I reached some clarity just over Read more
  • The many worlds of acid and your mouth
    The many worlds of acid and your mouth   There are many different aspects to acidity that can affect your mouth.  Let’s see if I can make this simple for you to Read more
  • The Intriguing History of Halloween
    Halloween is fast approaching, and the doctor wanted to be sure to wish our patients a happy day, no matter how you might celebrate this holiday. The Halloween that is Read more

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